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Institutional Agreements

The César Vallejo University offers its community a large portfolio of benefits thanks to the Institutional Agreements that it maintains in force with various organizations within and outside the country.

Several of the agreements signed by the University provide members of different organizations with preferential access to the training services offered by our house of study, such as undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, languages, among others. All this in order to facilitate access to quality university training to improve their professional performance and the performance of their organizations.

The agreements also offer students facilities for insertion into the labor market through professional internships and access to training experiences in leading companies and institutions.

One objective of the agreements signed by the University is to provide our teachers with resources and experience that enhance their academic performance and impact the training of students at our different levels of education. For this reason, the University is concerned with approaching organizations and institutions that can provide our teachers with the support and support to carry out different research projects, as well as access to first-rate tools and sources of knowledge.